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Project Description
Visual Studio extension to support visual design of stateless state machines. Support for Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015.
About stateless
stateless is a lightweight C# hierarchical state machine framework made by Nicholas Blumhardt. The stateless project is hosted here: If you don't know stateless, here is a comparison between stateless and Windows Workflow Foundation: Comparison between Stateless (on google code) and Windows Workflow. stateless also comes as a NuGet package: stateless is a great alternative to WWF.
About Stateless Designer
The goal for this projects is to allow software developers to design a state machines visually. Why a statemachine can improve your design. The true power of using a state machine is to have a graph showing the states with transitions. Stateless Designer can help you achieve this.

Stateless Developer use case:
- install Stateless Designer
- start Visual Studio
- create or open a C# project
- Add new Item to the C# project
- select Stateless State Machine
- design your state machine
- a C# class is created with your state machine

Getting started using Stateless Designer step-by-step.
Currently supported features
- Triggers without arguments
- OnEntry and OnExit delegates
- Reentrant transitions
- OnUnhandledTrigger delegate - new in Stateless Designer 1.4
- Guard Clauses: PermitIf and PermitReentryIf functionality - new in Stateless Designer 1.4
External articles
Twitter article 1168 - Note: Not in English article 1169 - Note: Not in English
Technology used
- Visual Studio Extensibility
- stateless
Got any improvement ideas?
Please add ideas to the discussions.
Create an issue if you find a defect.
Vote on this if you would like Stateless Designer to support Visual Studio 2010.

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